Half Bad (The Half Bad Trilogy Book 1)

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ो search $0.00 ↑ Half Bad (The Half Bad Trilogy Book 1) ४ Author Sally Green ট Gr 8 UpGood witch or bad witch This is the question that plagues 17 year old Nathan, the product of two witches, one white, and one the infamous, hated black witch, Marcus Readers will be intrigued by this work from the very beginning, as it opens in medias res, with Nathan living in a cage but attempting at every opportunity to escape, being submitted to beatings and ill treatment from a strange woman Soon, flashbacks reveal Nathan s backstory his precarious position in society is a result of his mixed parentage, and their hatred for his father Marcus, who murdered many white witches, led to the council of white witches taking the boy from his home with his grandmother and half siblings to a life as a prisoner While these characters inhabit a world that melds the supernatural with real life, the plot centers primarily on witchcraft, and there are few non witch characters or fain, as they are referred to Nathan s feelings of self loathing that grow as a result of the ostracism he experiences from those around him, coupled with a yearning to know about Marcus, will resonate with readers the first person narration expertly conveys his anguish and alienation, as well his search for a sense for identity Other characters tend to be sketchier by comparison, especially as the pace picks up after Nathan escapes and his journey takes off Some of the violence beatings, bullying, and even torture feature here may be off putting to sensitive readers, but lovers of dark fantasy should enjoy this energetic, gripping volume.Mahnaz Dar, School Library JournalStarred Review Black and white, good and evil Is it really that straightforward For 16 year old Nathan, it is not he is neither Born the illegitimate son of a white witch mother and a black witch father, he is a Half Code, kept in a cage, beaten regularly, and toughened up for when he turns 17 and receives his three gifts Both black and white witches want him, hoping he will lead them to his father, the most powerful, evil, and reviled of all black witches Both plan for Nathan to fulfill his vision and their ultimate goal he will kill his father But Nathan has no desire to kill anyone he wants only to escape his shackles and gain his freedom First time author Green has written the first in what looks to be a horrifying, compelling trilogy that pushes the boundaries of what we believe to be good and evil With racial overtones of such diverse titles as Roots 1976 Uncle Toms Cabin 1852 Run, Boy, Run 2003 and the Harry Potter books, this will stretch the readers tolerance for graphic torture while mesmerizing with mystery and heart stopping adventure Nathans survival is tenuous and marvelousand only just beginning HIGH DEMAND BACKSTORY Greens debut was optioned for film by Fox 2000, and rights have been sold in 27 countries If thats not enough, an extensive national marketing campaign is in the works Grades 9 12 Frances Bradburn Half Bad (The Half Bad Trilogy Book 1)